Jessica and Teddy's Las Vegas elopement was nothing short of an epic adventure! They flew from Texas to Nevada and stayed at the fabulous Golden Nugget Hotel where they composed their hand written vows the night before they said their "I Do's". On the day of their wedding I took some photos of them in their FABULOUS hotel suite which featured 50 foot floor to ceiling windows overlooking Sin City and every amenity you could think of. It made for a stunning backdrop! 

After everyone was dressed we made an hour drive to the Valley of Fire, which is one of the most beautiful national parks I have ever visited. The rolling red hills seemed to go on forever and every turn had a new geological wonder to see. Our final destination was the Fire Wave. It's a unique sandstone formation where the layers of rock alternate in color and undulate like the waves of the sea. Despite the popularity of the location, there was not a soul to be seen as Jess and Teddy confessed their love for each other. Their words echoed across the rocks and into the universe as the setting sun slowly dipped behind the horizon.

The ride back to Las Vegas was vibrant and happy as we took in the last drops of daylight. However, we had worked up an appetite from all the traveling and walking around the park so we decided to cap off the day with dinner at In-N-Out. Imagine a fully geared up photographer marching in with his wedding clients in their wedding dress and tux! I had never tried an Animal Style Burger before and I had to question why was this incredible dish not available in Alabama??? Hands down one of, if not THE best fast food burger I've ever had.

So happy to have had this opportunity to work with Jess and Teddy on their elopement! It was so wonderful to document their love and happiness.

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