The mountains of Birmingham are filled with magic and history. The city itself was born from the rich iron deposits and blessed it's residents with wealth and prosperity. Even though the remnants of this explosive period of growth can be seen today, they still offer a sense of wonder to those adventurous enough to visit them. Claudia and Ryan had their wedding at Red Mountain Park, which used to be one of the nexuses of iron mining in Birmingham. They exchanged vows in front of the historic hoist house, which fueled production for the area and similarly gave a fitting blessing for their enchanted beginning. After the ceremony we ventured down the trails to the last remaining stretch of rail track that had been reclaimed by the mountain. The nubile trees haphazardly flashed their branches in a primordial race to embrace the sun and we laughed as we walked along the pathways and took some very memorable photos which will no doubt be enjoyed by their family and children for generations to come.

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